Heat Sealing & Transfers

Heat sealing is a fast and efficient way of transferring designs onto garments. 

Using state of the art plotting and cutting tools, we can transfer designs, such as the Beighton Construction logo below, to the plotter and cut the appropriate outline onto a single colour roll of material. This would then be heat pressed to the appropriate garment.

You are not restricted to only one colour designs. For example the S & S Cabling logo below, would be done by cutting the black from a black roll and the orange from an orange roll, then placed back together at the heat sealing stage.

Heat sealing is the more popular method for block colours and one off t-shirt prints.

We are also able to produce designs with many colours using our Cadet machine or by using a special transfer paper that enables us to print out the design before heat sealing the design to the relevant garment.

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